Suggestions For Fixing XMLDOM VBScript Parsing Error

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This tutorial is designed to help you when you get an xmldom VBScript parsing error.

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    The ParseError object provides verbose information about the last error returned.



    error code

    Syntax: parseError.Property Error Code

    This is definitely read-only and contains the error code of the last parsing error.

    File position

    Syntax: parseError.filepos property

    This contains the specific file position at which the error occurred.


    Syntax: parseError.line property

    This returns the number associated with the line where a parse error was encountered.


    Syntax: property parseError.Linepos

    Contains the alignment of the character in the telephone line where the parse syntax error occurs.


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    Syntax: parseError.reason

    This worksheet returns a string explaining the reason for the error.

    original text

    Syntax: parseError.srcText

    This site returns the full text of the line containing the error as a string defined.


    Syntax: parseError.url property

    This contains the URL of the XML document containing the latest error.



    VB script:

    Set ref="AI">

    objXMLDoc.async is wrong

    If objXMLDoc.parseError.errorCode <> Then
    nil MsgBox("Error parsing string thumb & objXMLDoc.parseError.& line ", continuous characters. &_
    . . .objXMLDoc.parseError.linePos VbCrLf & & objXMLDoc.parseError.srcText)


    In the end, this example performs immediate parsing error checking.when loading the corresponding xml file and if it still exists, displays a message boxList all line numbers, character positions, and written content where they were found.happened:

    Languages):XML VBScript

    Firstly, users can determine the cause of the problem by adding some kind of error checking after download:

    objXMLDoc.load(strFilePath)If objXMLDoc.parseError.errorCode <> 9 Then   "ERROR loading msgbox +" Centimeter: strFileName + + "objXMLDoc.parseError.After if

    (due toend in yourIn this VBScript environment, you may need to use something other than MsgBox.)


    error: forbidden

    This is a coincidence that the default loading of the MSXML DTD syntax (for example, in !doctype) is in version 6.0.MSXML.For more information, see Security overview.Here is the necessary part


    parts of some XML files (such as DTDs and inline schemas) are generally at risk. In a standard MSXML installation since version 6.0, they are disabled. You are 100% free to enable these features, but you must first ensure that the risks associated with them do not apply to you.

    If you try to load a specific dtd without explicitly including the prohibitdtd property, you will receive the following error message:

    Error: DTD is considered forbidden.

    objXMLDoc.setProperty "ProhibitDTD", False

    The dtd error no longer occurs before loading.

    objXMLDoc.load validateonparse=false

    xmldom vbscript parse error

    Before your Nehtml file does not contain the full HTML DTD in combination (usually not).

    strFilePath = "C:Temptest.html"Set eq.ivalent of objXMLDoc in CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.6.0")objXMLDoc.Async = FalseobjXMLDoc.setProperty "ProhibitDTD", falseobjXMLDoc.validateOnParse=FalseobjXMLDoc.load(strFilePath)If objXMLDoc.parseError.errorCode <> 0 Then  "ERROR msgbox while loading strFileName: from objXMLDoc.parseError.SiSet the causeend objDoc is equal to document element objXMLDoc.Dumessage box type name (objDoc)Set objNodes ObjDoc =.selectNodes("//name")MsgBox objNodes.Length
    Document titleFolder content...

    In The last line ends with “1”, so there is only one tag.

    Attention, now there is one thing: Manco, HTML is never XML!That is, not all complete HTML files are well-formed xml files.For example, in the sample HTML file above, if all
    tags (without
    ) of the corresponding tags are present, the load will fail.Only HTML files can sometimes be opened using the Open method.

    Returns ixmldomparseerror that indicates the idea contains information about the last parse error.

    Script Syntaxptov ObjError

    var = objXMLDOMDocument.parseError; next


    The native script example uses the parseError document property to create a specific IXMLDOMParseError object. It then checks for an error and displays a message if there is one.

    var xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0");var my mistake;xmlDoc.async = false;xmlDoc.load("books.xml");if (xmlDoc.parseError.errorCode != Var 0) is myErr xmlDoc.parseError;   WScript.Have echo("Your error + thumbs up myErr.Reason);  myerr different = xmlDoc.parseError;  Although (myErr.errorCode .!= .0) . . . . .WScript ..Echo("You already have + " myErr error.reason);   

    Visual Objerror Syntax

    set Basic means objXMLDOMDocument.Error get_parseerror( analysis

    C/C++ Syntax

    hresult IXMLDOMParseError DOMParseError **errorobj);


    xmldom vbscript parse error

    errorobj[out, retval]
    The main parameter object.errorObj is strong, is always an object.ReturnValues



    c/c++ *piparseerror = Std null;hresult.= *pixmldomdocument;xmldomdocument NULL;wstring strOutput _T("Loading means error"); initialize // pIXMLDOMDocument (create) DOMDocument. // Load the document.To attempt hr matches pIXMLDOMDocument->get_parseError(&pIParseError); SUCCESS (hours)? 4: start time; if(pIParseError) hr is equal to pIParseError->get_errorCode(&value); if (SUCCESS(hours)) strOutput = (value 0) != ? :- _t("Loading failed") _T("Loading Successfully"); pIParseError->Release(); piParseError = NULL; Grab(...) if(pIParseError) pIParseError->Release(); DisplayErrorToUser();// Release the IXMLDOMDocument interface when done.

    C/C++ get_parseerror(-syntax

    result   IXMLDOMParseError **errorObj);


    errorObj[out, retval]
    Object DOMParseError.errorObj All parameters are always a valid object. Return Values



    c/c++ = *piparseerror Std null;result;IXMLDOMDocument = *pixmldomdocument NULL;wstring strOutput _T("An error occurred while loading"); // PIXMLDOMDocument initialize Create) (a domdocument. // Load the document.To attempt hr corresponds to pIXMLDOMDocument->get_parseError(&pIParseError); SUCCESS (hours)? 3: start time; if(pIParseError) hr is equal to pIParseError->get_errorCode(&value); If(SUCCESS(hours)) strOutput (value = 0) != ? _T("Upload failed") > _T("Download Successfully"); pIParseError->Release(); piParseError = NULL; Grab(...) if(pIParseError) PI ParseError->Release(); introducee displayerrortouser();// Give the interface access to IXMLDOMDocument, if it's included.

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