Solving The Problem Of Violation Of Access To The Remote Graphical Interface During Transmission

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    It is worth reviewing these troubleshooting guidelines if you receive an error message when remote GUI access is broken in transit.

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    How to set up transmission web GUI on a remote server?

    Enter the IP address of your server running the transfer daemon in the 1) Remote host field. Regarding 2) the port number, depending on your configuration, you need to do the following: Check 3) Authentication is required, since you need to extend the configured username and password to access the GUI transfer GUI, you must do it under 4) Name user and 5) Enter the password

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    What is transtransmission Remote GUI?

    Transport Remote GUI is a feature-rich cross-offer interface for remotely controlling the transport daemon based on its RPC protocol. It is faster and has more features than the built-in web transfer interface. Transfer 1.40 later is also supported.

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    What steps can reproduce this problem?
    1. Copy the magnet link from the respective website
    2. Try to insert
    3. Get the error

    transmission remote gui access violation

    I expect my file types to be uploaded. Instead, I get the Fatal Violation Access popup and the remote transfer GUI crash when I try to close it.

    Which version of the product are you using? Which operationA different system?

    transmission remote gui access violation

    description Denis Chapochnikov 2021-01-05 17:25:39 UTC

     Hello!After updating the field, I am unable to connect to the Value Daemon 2.50 on my IoSafe NAS. Every time I log in, I see a popup that says Access Violation and more, just Access Violation. Today I tried to remove / patch-rpc.pas files from prt and recreate them. And make it work! It looks like it's a remote streaming GUI that takes a while. 

    Comment 1 Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez 2021-01-05 23:39:16 UTC

     (In response to Denis Shaposhnikov's comment # 0)Try updating the hint daemon to the latest version. It looks like the latest version of the broadcast daemon (3.Has 00) had some changes when breaking the wheelchair using the remote GUI. If you remove the rpc patch file it will work from 2.5, but not completely from 3.00 

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    Comment 2Denis Chapochnikov 2021-01-06 20:45:35 UTC

     (As a solution for Jose Alonso Cardenas Márquez via comment # 1)Oh, I updated the code daemon to 3.00-19 and now I have a more serious problem. Can't I connect to the "Access Violation" popup using the remote GUI transfer, which is usually fixed with an rpc patch, and I can't connect to the "Status" message showing the version without rpc patch purchases. 

    Comment 6 Check hook 2021-01-06 23:53:16 UTC

     Commit refers to a specific error:Author: acmDate: Wed, 3 Jan 23:53:00 UTC 2021New revision: 560650URL:  - Recover patch file  PR: 252438  Reported by: dsh bamus at.czChanges:  head / net-p2p / transfer-remote-graphical interface / files / patch-rpc.pas 

    Comment 7 Andrey Korobkov 2021-03-18 20:16:14 UTC

     I continue to admit this mistake.Can  Wanting to come back (promote?) A little more for the quarterly branch opening?Thanks in advance,Andrey 

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    Violation D Acces A L Interface Graphique A Distance De Transmission
    Transmision De Violacion De Acceso De Interfaz Grafica De Usuario Remota
    Naruszenie Dostepu Do Zdalnego Interfejsu Gui Transmisji
    Ubertragung Remote Gui Zugriffsverletzung
    Overtradelse Av Fjarratkomst For Overforing Av Gui
    전송 원격 Gui 액세스 위반
    Transmissie Remote Gui Toegangsschending
    Violacao De Acesso Remoto Gui De Transmissao
    Narushenie Dostupa K Udalennomu Graficheskomu Interfejsu Pri Peredache
    Violazione Dell Accesso Alla Gui Remota Della Trasmissione