Troubleshoot Wsaeintr Socket Errors

Sometimes your system may generate a wsaeintr socket error message. There can be several reasons for this error.

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    A “socket error” indicates that the numbers sent over the network barely arrived on time. The simplest alternative to solving this problem is to reset to any factory settings and update the firmware. If the socket error does not try to resolve, connect from your computer at the same time at the lowest speed. Open your computer’s tcp/ipv4 settings.


    This element lists Winsock error codes by error number only. The list does not include bugs marked as BSD-specific, which may or may not be documented. Also, Winsock inconsistencies that are directly related to windows flaws appear towards the end of this chapter.


    What causes Winsock error?

    it allows only one socket address (protocol/ip address/port) to be used regularly. This error occurs when a program attempts to bind output to an IP address/port that has already been used on an already existing socket, or a socket that has not been properly closed or is still in the process of being terminated.

    Calling an interrupted function. The error indicates that the blocking call was blocked by us when you need to run WSACancelBlockingCall.

    socket error wsaeintr

    Incorrect file management. error This means that the full file descriptor is not valid. On Microsoft Windows CE, the socket function may return the following error, indicating that the specified serial port is busy.

    Permission denied. An attempt was made to open the case, which is strictly prohibited. This error is most common when trying to use an air address in sendto or WSASendTo that is not actually set to broadcast permission using setsockopt and the SO_BROADCAST parameter.

    Invalid address. Pointer Passed address Function to winsock is invalid. This error also occurs, usually when the specified buffer is too small.

    Invalid argument. It turned out that the wrong argument was specified. For example, if you provide an invalid lock code for WSAIoctl , your error will be generated. This code can also indicate an error in the current state of the socket file – for example, calling accept WSAAccept even on a socket that is not listening.

    How do I get a socket error code?

    On Linux or macOS, the last error is logged with the In variable corresponding to errno. On the latest windows, the error can be detected by calling the WSAGetLastError() function.

    Thousands of open files. As a general rule, there are many open sockets. As a rule, Microsoft suppliers are smaller only in terms of resources, the amount available in the system.

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    The resource is temporarily unavailable. This error most often occurs during socket non-blocking, a time when the requested operation simply does not complete immediately. For example, calling a connection on a non-blocking socket will return an error because the connection request simply cannot be completed immediately.

    The operation is performed correctly. A block is a specific operation that is being performed. Usually this error does not appear if someone is developing non-16-bit Winsock applications.


    A process is running. This erroroccurs when a normally already running production should be attempted on a non-blocking socket. For example, if you briefly call Connect or WSAConnect on a non-blocking socket one, it is possible that the connection is established. . It may also fail if a friendly service provider performs a callback operation (to functions containing winsock, system callbacks).

    Invalid socket operation associated with the socket. This error can be returned by any Winsock function that only takes a SOCKET handle as a parameter. This error indicates that the specified socket handle is not valid.


    important destination. This error means that the published address is not specified. For example, calling from sendto with destination address INADDR_ANY returns an error.


    How do I fix Windows socket Error?

    Reset Winsock.Reset the TCP/IP that is running on the command line.Update/remove drivers.Disable “network” adapters.Disable proxy.use the netsh int ipv4 install command.Reset your router firmware.Get your IP address and fight with yourm DNS automatically.

    Long message. At best, this error can mean several things. This error occurs when the incredible message is sent that you simply have one datagram socket too large for the internal buffer. This is also when it happensthe text message is large in size due to excessive network throttling. Finally, when buying on a datagram, if the buffer is small enough to receive the message, this error will be generated.

    Invalid socket type for the project. The project was specified in a WSASocket or socket call that does not support background semantics with our socket type understanding. For example, if you request an Au ip socket extension of type SOCK_STREAM and IPPROTO_UDP, this protocol error will be generated.


    process capability. An unsupported, unknown, or invalid socket option or level was specified in a getsockopt or setsockopt call.


    not guaranteed. Either the requested protocol is not respected on the installed system, or it does not exist for implementation. To illustrate, if TCP/IP is not installed on the system, attempting to create any type of TCP or UDP socket will cause this error.


    Keyboard input is not supported. The socket type specified for the specified address family is not supported. To illustrate, this type of error is generated when a socket of type SOCK_RAW is requested for a protocol thatSupports raw sockets, does not support it.

    do not do it

    The operation is supported. The attempted operation is not supported for object references. This usually happens when you try to call a Winsock function on a socket that does not support this operation. For this type, the cause is a call to accept or wsaaccept for the entire new datagram socket.


    unsecured family. The requested protocol family is not installed or not installed on your system. In most cases, this type of error is interchangeable with WSAEAFNOSUPPORT, which is more common.

    the clan address supports an unsolicited operation. This error occurs when trying to pass an operation that is not protected by the socket type. For example, if you try to call sendto and wsasendto using a SOCK_STREAM socket, this error will be generated. This error can also occur when a WSASocket is likely called and an invalid mapping of the address family, socket type, and additional protocol is requested.

    socket error wsaeintr

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