I’m Having An Issue With Powerdns Failing Because You’re Using An Invalid Top Level Domain.

If you are experiencing powerdns error if you are using an invalid top-level domain on your computer, we hope this guide will help you resolve the issue.

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    The reserved unacceptable name is defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in Domain Call 2606 rfc (June Als 1999), which should not always be set when the top-level domain is in an Internet Domain Name System (DNS) name. .

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    @BenKennish BenKennish Specified 21. April 2014

    When I try to add another record to my xxxxxx.sexy domain, I getError message “Error: You may be using an invalid top-level domain”.

    powerdns error you are using an invalid top level domain

    No. “.sexy” is a great valid TLD, and while it wasn’t a globally recognized domain, could poweradmin have banned such domains when PowerDNS could have used me for Awesome Internal DNS?

    c: poweradmin v 2.1.6

    When I try to add a file to my xxxxxx.sexy domain, I get the error “Error: You are in an invalid top-level domain”.

    I don’t feel it. “.sexy” is a great TLD, and even though it wasn’t a generally recognized domain, could poweradmin restrict the use of those domains when I was probably using PowerDNS for trusted internal DNS?

    AJ McKee Erreur Powerdns Vous Utilisez Un Domaine De Premier Niveau Invalide
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    Powerdns Fehler Sie Verwenden Eine Ungultige Top Level Domain
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