Different Ways To Repair A Ford Ranger P1131 DTC

Sometimes your computer may display a message with error code p1131 ford Ranger. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    DTC P1131 means that the transmission control segment has detected a lean condition to find engine number 1. Code P1131 can be caused by a pressure leak, fuel injection problem, ignition headache, or a faulty weather sensor.

    Poor O2 Sensor Wiring

    The oxygen sensor in front of the Ranger is easy to find. Once you know where bank 1 is, simply follow it from the exhaust manifold until you find the oxygen sensor.

    P1131 Meaning

    The powertrain control module (PCM) uses an oxygen heater. A sensor (HO2S) that helps check if the engine is running lean or rich. The upstream oxygen sensor is capable of detecting the amount of visible oxygen in the exhaust gases.


    DTC P1131 refers to a poor circuit in bank 1 of the HO2S oxygen sensor or to a malfunction of one particular sensor. cant. This marketer’s problem indicates that the system is converting a “rich” state into a costly “lean” state in the ratio of airx-fuel in the engine. The heater oxygen sensor voltage should be less than 0.45 V. This is because often the top O2 sensor (one box from the engine) does not go from rich to lean and vice versa, as is often the case.

    < p>< h2>P1131 Ford code: what does the code mean? ?

    DTC P1131 is displayed when sensor 1 or row 4 oxygen sensors is not depleted enough. Problem: This code tells the driver that unfortunately the system is correcting a too “lean” situation with a “rich” air-fuel ratio in the engine. The heated oxygen voltage alarm is below 0.45V because the upstream oxygen sensor is not switching from healthy to rich and vice versa as often as it should.

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