Easy Way To Fix Etka Aa Update Error

Over the past week, some of our users have reported an error updating etka aa.

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    • Install .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0.
    • Disable signing driver enforcement with a viable test signing policy, run CMD as administrator, but also type:
      bcdedit .exe /set nointegritychecks to ONbcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON


    • Disable driver installation from Windows Update (getting faster)
    • First step

      Second step

      Reinstalling the hardware lock

      If you have problems with Safenet or similar devices, you should uninstall Hardlock and reinstall the program.

      In order to reinstall Hardlock, it must be moved. This is quite difficult to do. You can check every service and driver installed on your home system with the Hardlock Diagnostic Tool: diagnostix.zip (run sc in CMD to help uninstall). Download website: http://www3.safenet-inc.com/support/hardlock/downloads.aspx

      Remove hardware lock

      etka update error aa

      But there is a line of influence tool: Sentinel HASP Run-time Command Line – Install Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_cmd_line.zip which will remove and resolve everything. Go to the page: http://www3.safenet-inc.com/support/hardlock/index.aspx

      Download and install

      Unpack. Set compatibility mode to Windows 4 and run administrator as for track: haspdinst.exe.
      Create a shortcut for haspdinst.exe with the key:
      haspdinst.exe -fr - kp Install -fss

      actually from HardLock
      1. Run 0000750A.reg from Multikey.
      2. Run as control command, navigate to Multikey directory (check if your system requires x86 or x64) and set Device:
        cd /d D:MULTIKEY64devcon remove rootmultikeydevcon install multikey.inf rootmultikey
      3. Allow installation of an unsigned driver. Wait for the device to be installed in device manager if it was a system device:
        Virtual USB Multikey
        rootmultikeyWaiting for automatic installation.
      4. Install Hardlock.And exe wait for auto-creation of 2 devices on universal serial bus :
        SafeNet Inc. hardware lock key
        SafeNet Inc. key. USB
      5. < li>Done.

        Remove updates
        There is a script to remove all existing updates, allowing more mature builds to run:

        bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ONbcdedit.exe /set TESTING ON

        New extensionsOther ETKA graphics functions must not be used! (Error 3)

        cd /d C:ETKAVWAURosyVisionControl%SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727regasm.exe RoSyVisionCom.dll /Unregister%SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727regasm.exe RoSyVisionCom.dll /codebase%SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv4.0.30319regasm.exe RoSyVisionCom.dll /Unregister%SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv4.0.30319regasm.exe RoSyVisionCom.dll /codebase
        cd D:MULTIKEY64Remove devcon /d rootmultikeydevcon install multikey.inf rootmultikey
        INSTALL section=CIF "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATA exists." (rd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAAUUpdate" /S /Qrd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASEUpdate" /S /Qrd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASKUpdate" /S /Qrd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAVWUpdate" /S /Qrd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAAUUpload" /S /Qrd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASEUpload" /S /Qrd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASKUpload" /S /Qrd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAVWUpload" /S /Qmd "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAAUUpdate"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASEUpdate"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASKUpdate"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAVWUpdate"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAAUUpload"md "%Partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASEUpload"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASKUpload"md "%Partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAVWUpload"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAAUUpdateTemp"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASEUpdateTemp"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASKUpdateTemp"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAVWUpdateTemp"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAAUUploadTemp"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASEUploadTemp"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATASKUploadTemp"md "%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATAVWUploadTemp"Break) otherwise it is impossible (echo appears'%partition%:ETKAVWAUDATA'Break)

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        Country and price added to installer menu, uninstaller updated, VAT and price or something else…

        SEARCH FI -> (VIN.TXT)
        ETC 7.3=A
        ETKA 7.4 = DISABLED
        NOTE. Create a new text file; C:ETKAVIN (do not change anything in the INI editor)

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        News about ETKA 7.X PLUS 09-2013:
        Prices and updates until September 2013; AU-981 / SE-507 / SK-513 / VW-981
        Added new countries; Bosnia, Colombia, Qatar, South Africa
        ETKA 1 in 1 (two programs, one unit)

        Added new help and supportka online tools
        Prices and updates are now in the same folder: X:ETKADATAXXUpdate (thanks to mr f33nix and mr astrasat)
        User control saved for emulator: enable/disable
        Country of installation/price restriction remains for; Single price
        Leave a limit on the installation directory; X:ETKA (X is the drive letter)
        Support automatic installation of major hardlocks and emulators; Mr f33nix code

        Auto-update: for efficient updating of EKTA. (Not recommended as new update may introduce some bugs and issues)
        Pricing & Upgrade Tool: Online and offline pricing tools combined with upgrades, cleanup, relocation, etc.
        Library: To be deployed when installing updates fails with AA
        errorHow to Create Your VIN: Helps you create a personal record of using the VIN Finder

        DIFFERENCES between ETKA 7.4 International and ETKA 7.X PLUS: different installation structure, but the program itself is the same.
        ETKA 7.X PLUS generates 7.3 more countries, and when setting ticket prices, it adds a program automaticallyskim updates

        You need to mount part of the ISO into a virtual drive and burn it to DVD.
        Otherwise, the files will not be extracted.

        VIN numbers: currently (http://vag.woundride.com/vin/), or here (http://www.woundride.com/vag/vin/), or on this website (http:/ /get.tecar.com). .ua/) or here (http://vag.net.ua/etka/) or below (http://vin-online.ru/vin) or here (http://nav.in.ua/etka/ ) or ideally here (http://etka.car****s.ru/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7)

        ONLINE HELP: Version 7.3 (http://www.etkainfo.com/etka-hilfe/static/etka-hilfe/index.html?la=en) and Version 7.4 (http://www.etkainfo.com/etka – hilfe-74/static/etka-hilfe/index.html?la=en) (for languages, you can also replace “en” with your language)

        Solution 1: Create a VIRTUAL PC for the programmer.

        How to use Mantis -> Stop/disable ETKA emulator —> Start/enable Mantis emulator
        To use ETKA —> Stop/Disable Mantis Emulator -> Start/Enable ETKA Emulator

        If you receive a serious “AA Error” error while installing updates, download the file:
        ETKA_Library_ERROR_AA. It’s rare

        Confirm some currency name, VAT, but values ​​like language are fact for each country.

        By neglecting prices (AUDI, SEAT and SKODA), buyers may try to rename prices
        from VW “prsv***.exe” to:
        AUDI “prsa***.exe”
        SEAT “prss***.exe”
        SKODA “prsk***.Probably exe”
        this work for each country

        Prices and updates for 03-2013: AU-950-953, SE-477-480, SK-483-486, VW-950-953 (http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f168/ etka-7-3-plus-2013-a-280332/index2.html#post1896862)
        Prices and updates until 04-2013: AU-954-958, SE-481-484, VW-954-958 sk-487-490, (http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f168/ etka-7-3-plus-2013-a-280332/index3.html#post1966204)
        Prices and updates for 05-2013: AU-959-964, SK-491-496, se-485-490, VW-959-964 (http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f168/ etka-7-3-plus-2013-a-280332/index3.html#post1966204)
        Price and latest 06-2013: AU-965-967, SE-491-493, SK-497-499, VW-965-967 (http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f168/etka -7-3-plus-2013-a-280332/index3.html#post1992323)
        Prices and updates until 07-2013: AU-968-972, SE-494-498, SK-500-504, VW-968-972 (http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f168/ etka-7-3-plus-2013-a-280332/index3.html#post2041500)
        Prices and updates until 08-2013: AU-973-976, SE-499-502, SK-505-508, (http://www vw-973-976.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f168/ etka-7-3-plus-2013-a-280332/index3.html#post2047494)
        Prices and updates as of 09-2013: AU-977-981, SE-503-507, SK-509-513, (http://www vw-977-981.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f168/ etka-7-3-plus-2013-a-280332/index3.html#post2078815)

        etka update error aa

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        Errore Di Aggiornamento Etka Aa
        Error De Actualizacion De Etka Aa
        Oshibka Obnovleniya Etka Aa
        Etka Uppdateringsfel Aa
        Etka 업데이트 오류 Aa
        Erreur De Mise A Jour Etka Aa
        Blad Aktualizacji Etka Aa
        Etka Update Fout Aa
        Erro De Atualizacao Etka Aa
        Etka Aktualisierungsfehler Aa