How To Fix Divish Error, No Main Config File?

In this guide, we will reveal some of the possible reasons that might cause Divish error without a main configuration file, and after that, we will provide some possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

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    Dirvish .conf , dirvish configuration file.


    The dirvish.conf file contains configuration information and does not contain dirvish payment values. The file format is quite simple. Each procedure requires either a single value of a or a list The values ​​of and, if not normally specified, must be specified appropriately to obtain the expected type. Definitely unambiguous options are indicated by the lines: form-process value.expect options Row positions must be specified in a multiline structure, as shown here. Pansies are indented through any space, although if only the price is indicated. Possibility: equals 1 worth2 . . . valueN Each attempted value must be served in its own way. Every void leading and seeking to the discarded one. Options whose accounts have initial capital (eg: foo) in Dirvish will be rejected. on its own, but can then be used with assistive computer software. Empty lines are ignored . While this simplistic design may be subject to errors, it is open to arbitrariness. Declare features that helper scripts can use in non-traditional ways. Number one enters a comment to complete the entire line. The first time the dirvish computer program fills out the dirvish.conf file first. /etc/dirvish.Conf will be tried first, but if it’s not there, /etc/dirvish/master.conf will be. try. During installation, dirvish may wait for a system-wide configuration change. Files in locations other than /etc/dirvish. Some system files are still loaded from the –vault command line, i.e. –branch Options such as config:file and client:configuration are recommendations. To avoid loops each configuration file can only be loaded once.

    DIRVISH Options

    As with the command line, each option can be specified any number of times. These options Experts assure that all lists will accumulate their individual arguments and benefits options. will overwrite the previous specification. Boolean increments must bespecified as 1 plus 0 or may be specified using Or set UNSET. a little Boolean values ​​are set by default and must also be explicitly reset if not required. Each option is marked here along with one of (B) for value, boolean (S) single, (L) list value, and/or (0) maybe others. Option set Option (O) REMOVE optionoption (O) Set or set or one of several boolean options. NOTE: Colons <:> are not used in SET and unset directives. RESET
    dirvish error no master configuration file

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    Dirvish Fel Ingen Huvudkonfigurationsfil
    Dirvish Fout Geen Hoofdconfiguratiebestand
    Oshibka Dirvish Net Osnovnogo Fajla Konfiguracii
    Blad Dirvish Brak Glownego Pliku Konfiguracyjnego
    Error Dirvish Sin Archivo De Configuracion Maestro
    Erreur Dirvish Pas De Fichier De Configuration Maitre
    Erro Dirvish Nenhum Arquivo De Configuracao Mestre
    Dirvish Fehler Keine Master Konfigurationsdatei
    Errore Dirvish Nessun File Di Configurazione Principale
    Dirvish 오류 마스터 구성 파일 없음