Steps To Fix Error Bvw 75

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    You should read these troubleshooting tips if you are getting error code bvw 75.

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    ERROR CODES 06 – 02 – 03 – 2004 – 05 – 06 – 2007 – 08 – 09 to 0A – 10 – 11 – fourteen – 13 – 14 – 5 – 21 – 22 – 89 – 91 – 92 – ninety three – 94 – 96 – ninety-seven – 98


    Error message

    bvw 75 error





    Ribbon slack is actually detected when threading or unwinding, and the ribbon is protected accordingly. Obtained as the ratio of the FG of the work of the feed roller, take-up roller and threading motor, the number is less than the specified value.


    REAL PROBLEM-2 Slack or broken tape is detected during fast search, fast forward or rewind, and the tape is protected. The ratio of the number of FGs detected at this time in the power coil combined with the receiver coil is less than the exact value.


    REAL PROBLEM-3 In playback mode, a slack or torn cassette is detected, or possiblya jam is detected in that particular feed or take-up reel, and then the tape is actually protected. Detected when the FG frequency is zero (0) on the corresponding supply or drain coil, or when the voltage observed by the voltage sensor has a reduced amplitude of 15g


    REAL PROBLEM-4 It is determined that recording is not in momentum detection mode in fast forward or reverse mode, then guard recording is performed. Depends on rrn to compare line speed using the FG frequency on the feed and take-up reels for fly fishing and the target speed.


    REAL PROBLEM-5 Detects when the supply or take-up spool cannot stop, reloads the cartridge, fails, or detects that it has overflowed with power and therefore the take-up spools. Detected based on FG event or current in power and/or drain coils.


    TAPE TENSION ERROR When refreshedIn the presence of overvoltage, the sticking protection is activated. Detected when the load and fatigue detected by the force sensor exceed 55g.


    CAPSTAN PROBLEM The current band has been detected not working at the specified rate, so you can search for the modem and secure the band. Detected at web speed detected by FG ​​frequency on a specific capstan motor. bvw 75 error


    DRUM MALFUNCTION The rotation of the drum machine is determined as normal, no and good, after which the tape is protected. Detected when the drum speed obtained from the FG drum motor tempo is actually lower than the set value.


    ENGINE TH/UNTH TIMEOUT Enabling or deleting streams has not been detected and will be write protected. Detected when a thread or threads did not finish deleting a thread within 10 seconds of being started.


    STREAM ERROR Any stream found may fail to start, in which case the tape will be protected. Detected when the ribbon sensor behaves during threading after automatically entering short FF mode for three periods of time.


    WET Whether the design was discovered.

    Speed up your computer now with this easy-to-use download.

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