Easiest Way To Fix Asp.net Can’t Generate Temporary Class Result = 1. Error Cs2001

Here are some simple ways that can help you solve the problem asp.net cannot generate temporary class result = 1. cs2001 error.

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    First of the loan term. The OP who solved this problem later and answered it on the question’s comments page. However, I understand that many people come to the market to read Dera’s question, and the art is not to look at all the comments. So I’m passing on the entire answer above here. Be sure to rate the question if yes, it was helpful.

    asp.net unable to generate a temporary class result=1. error cs2001

    This issue occurs because someone’s account associated with the IIS custom web service application pool in IIS does not have permissions to read and write to the folder in C:WindowsTemp.I don't know why the account needs access to this folder, but it does. From my casual attention, it seems that it publishes articles only containing an unqualified file in the Temp folder.

    To fix this, navigate to the main C:Windows folder and right-click the Temp folder. Select and "Properties" add the fund associated with your web service software pool to the top of the "Security" tab. Click OK, go to iis and restart their application pool. This should allow your web request.Services.

    It should be noted that some of the circumstances surrounding this error can usually be misleading. I have come across this problem several times in 5 years. (I've lost it from time to time.) The real reason it's not that noticeable is probably because you're publishing a superhighway service, navigating successfully to the contained asmx page, and the details can be displayed by your web service methods. Also, your Visual Studio project can add a web service reference, and Visual Studio will probably automatically generate all related classes for the Earth service in your VS project.

    Everything seems to work fine until you first make this request to always run in the web service method. Using the internet fails when it starts executing the code because it is in a directory in temp.

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    For more information about this error, see the error. in a confirmed bug report on Microsoft.com.

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