Got A 16-bit Ms-dos Subsystem Error On Windows 7?

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    Over the past week, some users have experienced a known error message regarding the 16-bit ms-dos subsystem error in Windows 7. This problem can have several causes. We will review them now. On the other hand, if these files have been corrupted in Windows, the installation may fail (or no longer run) when starting the program, resulting in an error related to the “16-bit MS-DOS subsystem”. This error may mean that “The file system is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.”

    16 bit ms-dos subsystem error in windows 7

    This page lists Winsock error codes by error type. The list of non-bugs includes winsock, which are reported to be BSD-specific and not documented. In addition, winsock difficulties are mentioned at the very end of this chapter.

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    Function call aborted. Error This important fact indicates that the blocking cell phone was a call interrupted which could be WSACancelBlockingCall.

    Invalid content descriptor. This means that the file descriptor was created incorrectly. On Microsoft Windows CE, the socket function may return our error indicating that the serial port is busy.

    Access denied. Manipulating Trying a jack won is, of course, prohibited. This error most commonly occurs when trying to use the broadcast address in sendto WSASendTo, or where permission to broadcast has also not been set using setsockopt and the so_broadcast option is currently being used.

    Invalid address. The address of the pointer passed to the Winsock function is invalid. This error is also likely to be thrown when the specified to-shield is small.

    Invalid argument. Invalid argument specified. Example: Specifying invalid dominance code for wsaioctl results in this type of error. This code can also indicate a serious error with the current socket, a requirement such as calling accept or WSAAccept on a socket that is not explicitly listening.


    many open files. Many points of sale are also open. Generally, Microsoft vendors are controlled by all only the tactics available in the system.

    How do I fix 16-bit MS-DOS subsystem?

    Path to the running program Nt and System Document are not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Select close to close the application. You may be prompted not to run the program or ignore the entire error message, but either way the program will close.


    temporarily unavailable. This error is most often thrown literally on non-blocking sockets, which should not complete the operation immediately.Walkie-talkie on request. For example, calling a connection on a non-blocking socket results in this error because the request without the connection is executed immediately.

    At the moment the process

    How can I run a 16-bit DOS program on Windows 7 64-bit?

    16-bit programs may not nativelyDoesn’t work in 64-bit version of windows 7. As ITKnowledge24 discovered, you can run Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, possibly in XP mode. XP mode is XP SP3 32 bit.

    In progress. The containment case is pending. Typically, customers don’t see this error unless the person is developing 16-bit Winsock applications.

    How do I change NT config in Windows 7?

    Open Start > > Programs > Accessories > Notepad.Right-click Notepad and select from “Run as administrator”. editorIn Files > select Open.Navigate to the System32 folder (usually located in the c:windows folder).Replace files of type All with: files.Select Settings.Enter text below.


    already underway. This error usually occurs when a function that is already running is probably trying to use a non-blocking socket. For some reason, during a non-blocking connection on a socket, connect or WSAConnect is called for a minute. This error can also occur when the service provider needs to execute its own callback function (for Winsock functions that support callback procedures).work

    Like sockets

    new on a large invalid socket. This error is returned on any success of Winsock that takes a SOCKET handle as a parameter. This error indicates that the specified socket is invalid and supported.

    the address

    Required target. This error indicates thatthe specified address has been omitted. For example, a Sendto call with INADDR_ANY as the destination returns this error.

    Long message. This error can mean several things. Sending a good message to a real datagram socket too large for internal buffering will show this error. This also happens when the presentation is too large due to a network limitation. Finally, when receiving a datagram, if also the buffer is almost certainly too small to receive the message, this error will be generated.

    Invalid socket method type for. The Or WSASocket socket call specifies a default protocol that definitely does not support the type semantics of the affected socket. For example, if you ask someone to create an IP socket bound to the SOCK_STREAM type and the IPPROTO_UDP protocol, this error will be thrown.


    Default log option. An unknown or unsupported socket level or option was specified in calls to getsockopt and even setsockopt.

    The log is not duplicated. Either the requested protocol is not yet installed on the system, or there is no implementation for it. For example, if tcp/ip is not installed on the systeme, an attempt to create a TCP or UDP socket may result in this error.

    16 bit ms-dos subsystem error in windows 7

    The socket is not supported. There is no support for the specified socket type to create the specified address family. For example, this error occurs when requesting a socket type for the sock_raw protocol, which supports more than just raw sockets.

    The operation is not supported. An operation attempt is not supported in the same way for the referenced object. This usually takes up space when trying to call a function on a winsock socket that doesn’t support this operation at all. For example, this error occurs when a WSAAccept is received or called on the appropriate datagram socket.


    How do I fix Ntvdm CPU illegal instruction?

    Under With Computer, right-click all of your drives and select Properties, then the Tools tab, and click Scan Now.After running chkdsk (which usually does the same thing), check for file crimes by clicking – Start – All Programs – Accessories – right click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.PFS/scan

    The not family is not supported. The requested non-protocol family either exists or is not installed on the computer. In most cases, the element error is interchangeable with the more common wsaeafnosupport.

    friend From

    The address did not request a support operation. This error occurs when trying to return the results of an operation that is not returned by a socket type. Attempting to call sendto or WSASendTo with a SOCK_STREAM socket type will causethat error. This error can also occur if a Socket or even a WSASocket is called and an invalid combination of address family, type, socket, and protocol is requested.

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    16 Bitowy Blad Podsystemu Ms Dos W Systemie Windows 7
    Errore Del Sottosistema Ms Dos A 16 Bit In Windows 7
    16 Bitars Ms Dos Undersystemfel I Windows 7
    Erreur De Sous Systeme Ms Dos 16 Bits Dans Windows 7
    16 Bitnaya Oshibka Podsistemy Ms Dos V Windows 7
    Error De Subsistema Ms Dos De 16 Bits En Windows 7
    Erro De Subsistema Ms Dos De 16 Bits No Windows 7
    16 Bit Ms Dos Subsystemfehler In Windows 7
    16 Bit Ms Dos Subsysteemfout In Windows 7
    Windows 7의 16비트 Ms Dos 하위 시스템 오류