An Easy Way To Troubleshoot Error 1328 Msi

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    You should read these troubleshooting tips if you receive error 1328 msi. When customers try to update Acrobat or Reader, they see the following error tagline: It was probably updated in a different way and this fix can no longer be changed. Contact your patch vendor for more information. “


    While installing Vault, I get the following error when updating aliases:

    “Error 1328. Applying hotfix to C: Config.Msi … It was probably recently updated in some other way and certainly cannot be changed by this fix. For more contact information, the preferred fix is ​​Suppliers. ”


    1328 error msi

    This error occurs when an upgrade fails to fix an existing Vault installation.


    1328 error msi

    Run. outside Microsoft Fix Utility to defer the installation of the Vault Client.

    1. Click the Run Now button in the remediation area.
    2. Accept the license agreement.
    3. Select the option “Detect problems and let me determine which fixes to apply.”
    4. Select Delete.
    5. Usually, when you see a list of installed programs, select the software that doesn’t seem to be updating, then click Next and Yes.
    6. When the tool is finished, there may be leftovers. Please delete the directory where the software was installed.
    1. Temporarily disable your antivirus and UAC settings.
    2. Reinstall Vault
    3. Run the

    4. program.
    5. Reinstall

    6. Vault Updates
    7. We are currently testing the safe using the program.
    8. This

    9. reactivate the security settings.

    How do I patch in Adobe Acrobat?

    Launch Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Choose Help> Check for Updates. Usually follow the instructions in the Marketplace Update window to download and install the latest versions.

    Then check your Rsiyu and release Vault on the current computer.

    • If a different edition is not compatible with the fix, you may need to uninstall or update the Vault software. For example, uninstall the Vault Basic Buyer on your computer client, update the Vault Workgroup client, verify that ACM and therefore the Autocad add-in are working correctly, and then reinstall the hotfix.
    • If the change and edit is compatible with all patches
      • Try downloading and reinstalling the hotfix again.
      • Try using an elevated command prompt.
        • Msiexec.exe / p [path] yourhotfix.msp / L * v c: hotfix.log
      • Select the Ignore When An Error Occurs option.
    1. Press the Windows control key + i.
    2. Update & Security Click> Check for Updates.
    3. Install Windows updates.


    product aliases; Storage base; Security Specialist; Safe working group;

    ASR Pro: The #1 software for fixing Windows errors

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    UPDATE: April 16, 2020 – IMPORTANT NOTE. If you have a problem As you download files from Adobe, watch our video explaining why some acquisitions stopped working in Chrome or Edge and how to fix the problem HERE https: / / www. / 2021/04 / resolved-download-links-not-working-in-chrome-or-edge /.

    Error 1328: Bug fix applied to C: Config.MSI PT3E87.TMP file. It has probably also been updated with a different shortcut and can no longer be changed with this fix. a> A

    How do I uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC?

    In Control Panel, choose Programs> Programs and Features. Select Adobe Acrobat from the list of installed programs and click Remove. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box. After uninstalling Acrobat, restart your computer.

    While I haven’t checked the explanation for this type of error yet, I’ve seen enough dates to get started, which can be summarized by claiming to have installed a fix guide:

    1. Access all Adobe Update Pages.
    2. No doubt scroll down until you find a successor product, click on the latest fix
    3. Download and submit the .MSP
      1. Please note that if your tracking patch ends with the words “INCR.MSP, this is SHORTNEW patch ”, you will need the previous full patch before installing. one.
    4. If you are motivated by error 1328: An error occurred while applying the patch … click the Ignore button.

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