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    Last week some readers reported yahoo bug 12152. If this is happening specifically with Yahoo, it may be a temporary issue with your site. This is because the 12152 status code is because the server was temporarily down to serve database or internet data, or an actual network error occurred. You can try the following automated troubleshooting tool to see if it helps.

    ORA-12152 TNS: unable to send break presentation

    12152 error yahoo

    I have 1 user who loses connection to TOAD from time to time. She can stay in touch for different time intervals of a minute, (1 not one, but two hours).
    Verified that this is now TOAD, since we’ve done everything else
    over the network, send server, laptop, and computer. I need help if you
    want to know.

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    Do you know other Yahoo TOAD forums? You go here to learn more beyond
    Yahoo! Group Links

    Could you post your SQLNET.posts ora (don’t hide server names for security reasons)?
    I have an overwhelming feeling that oracle will tell you the time…

    But when I pinged MetaLink soon after, I was told a very possible reason: “
    Third party switch — CSM (Content Switching Module) side is displaying a too low timeout value d ‘inactivity
    .’ (May need to adjust the network settings switch). Is there an Oracle client trace showing the root
    cause of this case?

    —–Original message—–
    From: *** [mailto:***] Name from
    Sent: 15 Friday. Sep AM 07:50 2006
    To: ***
    Subject: [Toad] ORA-12152 TNS: Unable to send kill message tomorrow,
    I will send

    Guten has a user who frequently loses contact with TOAD. It can stay connected for different times (1 minute multiplied by 2 hours) for. She
    claims that it’s basically TOAD because I’ve done everything else
    only with a network, a laptop cable, or a tablet server, and I don’tReally help is needed to
    understand this.

    Do you know a specific TOAD from other Go Yahoo forums? here to learn more http://www htm
    yahoo! links

    Here is SQLNET.ora:
    sqlnet.expire_time implies 3600
    names.directory_path =( TNSNAMES)
    names.default_domain implicit world

    Jesse, message could Rich
    Would you please publish your precious SQLNET.ORA (all your server vendors are hiding for

    Contributed by Jesse, Rich
    I believe in my gut that Oracle is ahead of your time…
    But when I quickly contacted MetaLink, it doesn’t point to a possible cause

    Contribution by Jessie, Rich
    Third party module switches – CSM (Content Switching Module)
    has a
    significantly low idle timeout value.” (Switch settings, networks that
    may need to be changed). was a client trace oracle, showed

    Jessie which of

    Rich contributions
    The reason for this fall.
    HTH! — gl!
    rich [TeamT]
    —–Original Message—–
    Submitted: Friday, September 16, 2006 7:50 AM
    Subject : – ora 12152 [toad] TNS: unable to send messageInterrupt Message
    I now have 1 user who frequently loses his TOAD family. You can stay
    in touch at different times of the season (minimum 2 1 during business hours).

    Along with Rich
    is Jesse, who determined that the article is now toad because we did everything else
    Network, cables, laptop and server. Need help with assembly.
    It worked.

    Do you know other forums? Message Yahoo From Find out toad? more here:
    Yahoo! Group Links

    Toad saves your settings:

    Normally Oracle drops the connection due to Under (and the toad of all clients), but that’s not something we need to override (same for info. We – stick to your Oracle home security settings)

    —–Original Message—–
    From: ***@yahoogroups. Au de nom ihsjeanne
    Sent: Fri 15, Sept 15, 2006, 10:44 AM
    To: ***
    Subject: [Toad] Subject: TNS: ora-12152 Unable to send break is the message

    This is Le sqlnet.ora:
    sqlnet.=expire_time 3600
    names . directory_path implies (TNSNAMES)
    names.default_domain World

    Post=From jesse,Rich
    Can someone post your SQLNET.ORA (exclude all server names for others

    12152 error yahoo

    Contributed by Jesse, Rich
    I feel like Oracle is throwing you off balance…
    But when I pinged MetaLink myself, it points to the real reason

    Contributed by Jesse, Rich
    an alternative third party module — CSM (Content Switching Module A) makes this
    timeout value too low for the TV.”
    settings for (requires network settings ). -something oracle trace, client which

    Contribution from Jessie, For the rich
    cause of this event ca.GL!
    hth! — Original—–
    Sent to: [teamt]
    —–Message 15 Fri Sep 2006 7:50 AM
    Subject: [Toad] TNS: ora- 12152 Unable to send recovery message
    I have a user who often loses connection to TOAD. It can stay connected for various time periods (1 minute 2 consecutive hours) up to.

    Great contribution
    Jesse, glad it’s TOAD now because we’ve done the rest
    network, satellite, laptop and server. Help
    to understand this successbut.

    Please consider your help…

    Contributed by ihsjeanne
    sqlnet.= expire_time means 3600
    this is Oracle terminating our connection to Toad (and everything else

    customers) – and that’s not who we want to replace (even on board
    c – we respect their special Oracle security settings)

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